Useful Reading

For those looking to understand a little more
about the context of GBF’s work, the
following links may prove useful.

Millennium Development Goals

A link to the Millennium Development Goals. In 2000, 189 countries pledged to achieve eight development goals by 2015.

Blood safety and sufficiency play a vital role is achieving a number of these, including:

  • reducing child mortality
  • improving maternal health
  • combating HIV/AIDS and malaria

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Achieving 100% Voluntary Donation

It can be done. Read how

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WHO Fact Sheet on Blood Safety

This WHO fact sheet on blood safety provides information on participation in voluntary non- remunerated donation and data on blood testing and processing across the globe.

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Blood Safety To The US House of Representatives

This paper delivered by the WHO co-ordinator for blood safety to the US House of Representatives outlines the issues of blood safety and sufficiency as they particularly affect Africa and discusses how these issues can be addressed.

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Link Between Blood Donation and HIV/AIDS

An older document, but nevertheless a helpful overview of the link between blood donation and HIV/AIDS and some of the timeless challenges that are as pertinent today as when the document was first published.

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