Blood Donors/Public

Blood Donors and Members of the
Public – How You Can Help

Blood donation unites communities.
By giving a little, you can make a lot of difference.


Like any charity, the work we do and what we are able to achieve is constrained by the funds that are available to us.

GBF’s funds come from three primary sources

  • Grants from foundations and other bodies
  • Financial support from blood centers and industry suppliers
  • Donations from members of the public, often blood donors or those with loved-ones whose lives have been impacted by blood. These come directly or through our Open Arms program.

Of these, donations from members of the public are the most appreciated. This is not simply because it facilitates our work, although of course this is critical. We see financial support as a tangible expression that individuals share our vision of a worldwide community supporting blood donation.

If you would like to help us improve blood safety and availability, a donation is just a few clicks away.

Alternatively, in the US you can make a donation
of $10 by texting the word BLOOD to 52000.