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Global Blood Fund

Every day in the world’s poorest countries, people die because of a
shortage of blood. GBF helps blood collectors in these countries
by providing money, equipment, training and other forms of support.
A particular focus is embedding voluntary blood donation –
the key to a safer and more plentiful blood supply.

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Well organised collection events can attract overwhelming support

Well organised collection events can attract overwhelming support

Global Blood Fund believes in blood by need, not nation.

Wherever you are in the world – and however sophisticated the medical care – if you need a blood transfusion there is generally no alternative to donated human blood.

But too often in poorer countries sufficient, safe blood is simply not available. Patients die needing a transfusion, or find their lives devastated by HIV/AIDS or other diseases transmitted through infected blood.

Established in 2008, GBF is a non-profit run by blood management professionals in North America and Europe who find it unacceptable that so many people die in poor countries for want of something that can be given freely.

The charity believes that voluntary blood donation is the cornerstone of a safe and sufficient blood supply and works particularly with individuals and organizations charged with blood donor recruitment and retention in their communities.

GBF’s support takes many forms, from establishing blood banks to supporting transfusion activity, sponsoring and delivering training to improving global awareness of the challenges faced in resource constrained environment.

GBF believes passionately that there is a virtual worldwide blood-banking community – clinicians, scientists, blood center professionals, industry suppliers and blood donors - connected by their support for blood donation and the tremendous gift that one human being can give another.