Open Arms

For over 70 years, the generosity of blood donors has been gratefully accepted
but rarely have they been asked to engage with much beyond the donation
room. We see donors differently – as amazing individuals who will welcome the
opportunity to “give twice” and support donation services in
economically disadvantaged countries.

We call this program Open Arms. Our blood center partners offer their blood donors the chance to support our work, generally by suggesting they refuse the traditional donation gift (a T-shirt for example), and instead direct that the blood center make a financial donation to GBF (equivalent to the value of the gift) on the donor’s behalf.

Everybody wins. It costs the blood center nothing, the blood donors has saved a life in their own community and overseas, our charity gets extra resources that funds our work and those we help get the assistance they so badly need. What’s not to love about that!

Take a look at how our partner blood centers help promote our work.

Open Arms partners include:

  • New York Blood Center,
  • Oklahoma Blood Institute
  • United Blood Services
  • Biobridge Global

And many more leading blood centers.