Mission Statement

Who We Are

Global Blood Fund is a non-profit established in 2008 and registered as a charity in both the US and UK. It is run by practising blood banking professionals who share a deep concern about the huge global inequalities in access to safe blood and a determination to do something about this problem.

Helping blood donation in poor countries

Our Aim

The aim is simple; to save lives by improving the availability and safety of blood in some of the world’s poorest nations.  GBF focuses particularly on enabling blood services in resource-poor countries to nurture that most precious of resources – their blood donors. In rich world and poor, the people that freely give their blood are the cornerstone of a plentiful supply of safe blood.


GBF Past, Present and Future

GBF has provided money, equipment, training and other forms of support to over 40 countries in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East Latin America and the Caribbean. Projects include establishing rural blood banks, introducing innovative donor recruitment programs, funding consumables to make blood therapies more available for patients in need of transfusion, shipping containers of donated equipment around the world and enabling grass-roots donor communication programs.

We continue to expand our portfolio of support and add new countries to the list of those we serve.