Blood Banking Professionals

How Can You Help

There are many ways in which people and organizations involved in blood collection
can help those struggling with the same challenges, but with far fewer resources.


Global Blood Fund works closely with blood centers and other blood banking professionals.  We know that for many in the industry, support for blood donation is more than just a job – it is something people feel passionately about as individuals.

If you or your organization would like to get more involved in our work, there are many ways to get you started:

  • For blood centers, you can help reinforce the altruism shown by your donors by participating in our “Open Arms” programme
  • Consider donating no-longer-needed equipment for re-homing to a low-income country
  • Talk to us about partnering with a blood center in a resource poor community
  • Post a link to on your own website, intranet etc. so your staff and those you serve can learn more about our charity
  • Make an individual or corporate financial donation to support GBF’s work.

To discuss one or more of the above, please contact