GBF’s Role

GBF’s role in a global response

Global Blood Fund believes that if a patient is in need of a
life-saving transfusion, the blood required should be
available and should be safe, regardless of location.

Recognising the achievements of young donors

Recognising the achievements of young donors

GBF’s programs strive to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of ensuring enough safe blood is available worldwide. These include a lack of money, shortage of equipment and insufficient suitably trained staff.

GBF believes particularly that mobilizing volunteer, unpaid donors is key to unlocking safe and sufficient supplies of blood in any and every country. We are not alone in this: the World Health Organisation (WHO) has stated that blood safety is one of the most cost effective strategies for preventing HIV/AIDS in Africa. Our charity works with blood collection agencies in low and middle-income countries to identify low risk groups within the population; educate, motivate and recruit from these populations and provide a pleasant experience, good care and effective communication to retain the donors