Frequently Asked Questions

We recognize that the questions you have may differ depending on whether you are a:

  • potential supporter considering making a financial donation
  • a professional working in blood collection in a developed country
  • a professional working in blood collection in a low-income country

Please go to the appropriate section. We hope we are able to help. If you need further assistance, please email us t:info@globalbloodfund.org

We aim to respond within 2 working days.

For Potential Supporters Considering Donation

Why should I support Global Blood Fund?

We hope it will be because you feel as passionately about blood donation as we do! Most of our supporters are connected to blood donation is some way: as donors, as blood centre staff or as individuals or family of those whose life has been saved or improved through blood transfusion. They all appreciate the huge benefits if we are able to achieve our objectives of normalising voluntary blood donation in poorer countries.

Will my donation get to the people who need it?

GBF’s primary objective is to maximise our impact with the people and organisations we help. We are run by volunteers, who mostly have “day jobs” in operational blood centres. Our small staff and limited operational overhead is funded through corporate support, so if you are kind enough to make a donation you can expect over 90% of that money to be used to directly fund our work.

Are there other charities doing what you do?

Given the extent of the problems relating to sufficient safe blood in Africa and other parts of the world, there are certainly many others – big and small – trying to help. However, what we think makes us different is:

  • We believe that blood unites a global community and are committed to the concept of “donors-helping-donors”
  • We focus on donors and donation, rather than trying to deal with the scientific or medical challenges
  • We are less concerned than others with lobbying for political change and more focussed on direct, grass-roots intervention
Will my donation be free of tax?

Yes, Global Blood Fund is registered with the tax authorities in the US and the UK and all donations are free of tax. In addition, in the UK we are able to reclaim tax through the gift-aid system, significantly increasing the value of your donation.

Are you an American or a UK Charity?

A bit of both and neither, although we are registered in both America and UK. GBF was founded in the US in 2008, but has always seen itself as a charity with a global remit that simply happens to be based somewhere! That view has not changed now that the charity has a presence in Europe, although the broader mix of volunteer supporters feels truer to the original vision.

If I donate in the UK will my money be sent back to America?

No, the UK arm of the charity has separate management and is responsible for money raised in the UK and for determining how this is best spent.

For Professionals Working in Blood Collection Developed Countries

My organisation may be interested in participating in one of your programmes. What should I do next?

Please get in touch using the details in contact us. There are a number of ways you can participate: partnering a centre in a low-income country, donating used equipment, helping raise funds as part of your blood collection programme or connect to us from your web site. We would be particularly interested to hear from blood centres or organisations within the supply network outside of North America and Europe.

For Donor Recruitment & Management Professionals In Low-Income Countries

Does GBF always respond positively to requests for support?

Like any charity, Global Blood Fund needs to work within the constraints of its resources. We also need to assure ourselves that any money granted will be spent appropriately and will make a sustainable difference. We do try to respond positively wherever we can, but this will not always be possible.

Does GBF offer scholarships or other support for training?

We will be pleased to consider such requests on a case by case basis. Please contact us for further information.

I am a professional working in donor recruitment and blood collection management in a low-income country. How should I approach GBF for support?

Please get in touch using the details in about us/contact us. One of our team will respond and discuss your requirements.