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Helping Africa Better Mange That Most Precious of Resources - Its Blood Donors

IDREaM 2017

Participants from across Africa attend an International Donor Recruitment, Engagement and Management workshop in Johannesburg, South Africa. The event was a collaboration between GBF, the South African National Blood Service and the Africa Society for Blood Transfusion. Participants from Ethiopia, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Nigeria, Togo, Kenya and Ghana were represented.

Adios! Spanish speaking TV attend the handover of a bloodmobile in San Diego, California.


Adios! Spanish speaking TV attend the handover of a bloodmobile in San Diego, California. A few minutes later the vehicle began its journey to Yukatan, Mexico where it will help engage under-served communities, increase blood collection and save more lives.


Establishing A Blood Bank in Northern Laos


Nalea District Hospital is located in Louangnamtha province, northern Laos. This 16-bed facility sits in a remote mountainous area, far from the provincial hospital. With no local blood collection or storage capabilities it has been extremely difficult to meet the emergency blood needs of critically ill patients, particularly in the rainy season when roads become impassable. By purchasing $20,000 of equipment including refrigerators and a centrifuge and supporting local training, GBF is establishing the district's first and only blood bank, serving a local population of over 25,000.


Cameroon Says "Thank You" For $500,000+ Blood Bag Donation


GBF donated over half a million dollars worth of blood bags - plus other equipment - to the health authorities in Cameroon, enabling that country's limited resources to be redirected towards direct patient care.

Story Contest: Sickle Cell Warriors Explain How Blood Helps Their Plight


Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) is a painful and life-shortening condition. But blood transfusions can help sufferers to lead healthier, longer lives; for example by preventing the strokes so often associated with SCD. Pictured is Sharon Koli Sibuda from Nairobi, Kenya, who scooped first prize; seen both as she is today and when experiencing a previous crisis. She pipped dozens of excellent entries from across Africa with her moving story "Unheard Cries of Despair". Read her story and those of other winners here

Delegates Trained at IFBDO International Youth Forum in Lebanon


A GBF trainer was keynote speaker at an International Federation of Blood Donor Organisations (IFBDO) event in Beirut. Young delegates representing more than a dozen European, African and Asian countries enjoyed two 3-hour sessions in which they were introduced to the latest blood donor recruitment and retention techniques. Read the letter of thanks here


Supporting Sickle Cell Patients in Africa


12 year old Apphia lives in Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo and has bravely battled Sickle Cell Disease her whole young life. Sadly she suffered a stroke this year, a common but severe complication of SCD  But she is now receiving monthly red cell exchange therapy, funded by GBF, to help her recovery and reduce the probability of a future stroke.


What's your Type . . .

Blood typing kit
Uganda What's Your Type

Introducing pre-donation blood typing as a donor recruitment tool in Uganda.

Spot The Difference . . .


A re-homed Scottish bloodmobile begins its new life in Beirut, Lebanon.

A Vote of Thanks

Mexico Training_5
Mexico Training_2

Sponsoring training in the US for Mexican donor recruiters

Before...And After

Vanuatu (not) Incubator
Vanuatu Incubator_2
Vanuatu Incubator_3

A new platelet incubator and agitator enables better component management in Vanuatu’s main hospital

Fighting Spirit

AATM 2015 Namitha & Sameena1_Nov2015-1

The winner of our Asia story contest receives one of her regular transfusions; part of her lifetime battle with a debilitating blood disorder.

Training in Uganda and Namibia


Donor Recruitment and Management training helps encourage and make best use of that most precious of resources – volunteer blood donors.

Facilitating the Exchange of Best Practices


The leader of the association of blood donor organisations in Cameroon enjoys training with the South African National Blood Service in a visit funded by GBF.

All - Abroad


Portable donation beds and other equipment set sail from the UK to Nigeria.

Mobile Collection Options
Improve Operational Flexibility

Well organised collection events can attract overwhelming support

US-donated bloodmobiles make their way across the border to support blood collectors in Mexico and enable them to reach more potential donors.

We Have A Winner



GBF worked with the Africa Society for Blood Transfusion to gather powerful stories from across the continent that will improve global understand around the challenges of safety and sufficiency in low-income countries.

Improving Blood Collection in
Georgia, Eastern Caucasus


A GBF-funded US expert helps engineer collaboration between Rotary and the local blood service in order to recruit and retain more donors.

Going For A Spin


Donated centrifuges arrive at their new home in Mexico.

Support Needed


Donation beds flown into land-locked Lesotho make giving blood a much more pleasant experience for donors, improving recruitment and retention.

Sharing International Experiences


Renowned expert Dr. Jose Cruz shares with a pan-African audience the steps that helped Nicaragua achieve 100% voluntary donation. His visit to the conference in Zimbabwe was sponsored by GBF to help cross-pollinate new approaches.

Banners, TVs and More…


Helping Ghana to recruit and retain more donors.

Disseminating Knowledge
Across A Continent


Spanish language technical manuals were donated by GBF to countries across Latin America to ensure experts are kept up to speed with latest best practice.

Smile As You Roll-Up Your Sleeve


Local funny-man Tonton Bicha stars in a TV advert/PSA funded by GBF for the blood service in Haiti.

Communicating the Need


T-Shirts (and a poster and radio campaign) draw attention to the need for more blood donors to come forward in Zambia’s Eastern Province.

Apheresis in Africa


Donated technology introduces new therapeutic options otherwise not available.