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The Wonder of Blood

Read and be inspired by stories from around the world about the power of blood to save and transform lives. Visit the Your Blood Story Website.

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Help Needed

You can ensure patients in Africa, Latin America, Asia etc. enjoy access to safe blood when in need of a life-saving transfusion. Help on a global scale.

Equipment Exchange

Access GBF’s cloud-based EqXchange portal, where no longer needed blood banking equipment can be donated and requested. Share resources.

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In rich countries, when patients need blood they simply expect it to be there and be safe. In economically ­challenged countries, blood banks are often empty and what blood there is may put transfused patients at risk of contracting HIV or numerous other infections.

Calling all AABB Members

nhsbt-bloodmobiles-group_3Support the re-homing of five 3-bed bloodmobiles to services in Africa and Asia – including several countries to which AABB provides technical assistance.

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In response, GBF . . .

  • Donates expertise, money and equipment
  • Promotes voluntary, non-­remunerated blood donation
  • Encourages the blood­banking community to share resources
  • Offers a mechanism to engage millions of regular blood donors in international aid efforts
  • Helps increase awareness of global inequalities in access to safe blood